Project Three: Wedding Invitations + How to Use the Mini-Xyron

Project Three: Wedding Invitations

Project Three: Wedding Invitations

My final project was a set of wedding invitations for Ben and Elif. I am always a little hesitant to do wedding invitations, because they are a lot like logos. Some of the brides coming into Paper Source were completely paralyzed by the process. And with a baby in the mix, you never know when you will have the time to create much of anything. But Elif and Ben already knew what they wanted. I reluctantly offered my services and they said yes!

And I am so pleased.

It has been over a full year since I have made anything Paper-Sourcey. So that was fun to make sure my skills were still up to par. I designed the pieces, printed them and then Elif did all of the cutting, collating, adhering and tying. So that made it a lot easier. There were minimal edits and they were happy with my design for each of the pieces. Such an easy job!

The biggest challenge was finding time to print on our printer, which Lucy thinks is her personal computer.

I bought the materials, which meant three trips to Paper Source. I didn’t mind that at all. And then I let Elif borrow a couple of my tools, including my mini-Xyron machine and my paper cutter with the important measurements already marked.

A couple of Sundays ago, Ben called to say they were dropping by to pick up the invitations. I realized that I should probably explain to Elif how to use the mini-Xyron machine, which is one of my very favorite tools. Other than cutting, the most complicated step of the wedding invitations where creating the mailing labels. Since they wouldn’t need to write most of the addresses, it was worth cutting the paper into a 1.5″ strips and making them into stickers. I went ahead and scored the paper for them using my new favorite tool, a scoring board, which I picked up on one of my trips to Paper Source. The scoring board made a tedious task easy and precise.

Ben had said that they were less than 45 minutes away. The workshop instructor in me grabbed Kat from Rocky’s and we spontaneously made a little video. In fact, it is my first video that I have edited. I was in the middle of my demo while the front door buzzed and then she walked in the end. Note the brief acknowledgment.

I really wish that I had put away Lucy’s clothes from our trip, which are in the bottom right of the screen. And I probably should have brushed my hair. But I did put on lipstick. My mom would be proud.

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