Pooped out

Yesterday we took Lucy out for a short outing. We met Chad and Erica
at Tangy Sweet for a cup of yogurt. We placed her in Ergo Sport
Carrier and I think that she loved it. There was not a peep from her
until we were browsing around Bed Bath & Beyond. Then we just had a
couple of outcries before we made our final selections.

Once I unzipped her, I discovered that the impromptu pillow support
had left an imprint on her foot. She was definitely snuggled up in
there. I also noticed that the Ergo Sport Carrier says that it is for
15-40 pound children. I guess that is what the newborn insert is for.
Although when I went to the lactation consultant, she helped me figure
out how to avoid buying the additional accessory. We stuffed the small
carrying case with a couple of blankets we had on hand. Perfect! It
was just enough support to keep her propped up above the bib. And she
loved tossing her head back and checking out the neighborhood.

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