plans are taking shape

It’s official! We are off to London as of August 15th and returning on September 26th. Just in time for my last day at UNC followed by Lauren and Dave’s wedding in Durham. Henry will be studying in Oxford for four weeks, so we allowed a little travel time before and after our time in Oxford and, of course, on the weekends.

After all of our travels, we will continue to stay in Washington for the near future. Henry has accepted a job offer to practice law with Covington & Burling. And I just spoke with our landlord about renewing the lease.

So … now we need to start planning our trip to Europe. I have grand ideas of all of these places that I would like to visit. Of course, we are going to Spain. We have been married for five years and I have yet to meet Henry’s family living in Spain. (Except for Jose, who came to the US for a visit a few years ago.) So if we are going to Spain, then we must travel through Paris. Mary and Felix promised several excellent references for dining while we are there. I imagine many visits to London and tours through Scotland and England. I really want to go beyond to Norway and Belgium, especially after our incredible brunch at Belga Cafe on Saturday. But I doubt if that is possible on this trip. Of course, I don’t have any commitments while we are in Oxford. So maybe I can sneak away. Let’s just say I am not limiting my guidebook selection just yet.

We have been back and forth this morning trying to figure out the best approach to renewing our passports. And I think that I spotted a place to have our pictures made at a small shop across the street next to Wok and Roll. They also sell herbs, swords, snow globes and other Chinese imports. Sounds like a fun little trip in and of itself.

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  1. the Rab

    it takes about 4-8 weeks to renew… after 9/11 this has gotten harder i.e. longer… expedite if possible. costs about double.

  2. the Rab

    wow, england. that is exciting… stay in touch world travelers. 😉

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