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I know that it has been a very long time since I have blogged. I have had a very busy July, filled with a long trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart and North Carolina followed by my return to an un-airconditioned apartment, again. So as I thought that I would blog as I sit here frustrated with the a/c, my half-finished activation of my replacement cell phone, and my least favorite chore of cleaning the shower. The heat is running, so I guess we are getting a little closer to the issue. Right?

Anyway, I wanted to share these photos with Lauren Wilcox, who is down from Jersey City. She just bought a brownstone and said that they were going to rent the first floor to her brother Joe. After saying that she would like to tear her wall out, I thought of a fabulous article in the New York Times this January. Pilar Guzmàn, the editor in cheif of Cookie Magazine, and her husband share their home with their in=laws. The design is fabulous. So I wanted to give Lauren a few ideas as she started working on their renovation project.

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  1. the Rab

    hey caroline. the boyles’ and the loves are living it up in Topsail this week. how are you?

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