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While I was playing around on Flickr, I found a link to this fun paper project, which is part of an online collaboration with hp.

Essentially all you have to do is drag and drop your pictures from your Flickr photo sets into five squares. Once you finish, a pdf pops up with all of your pictures in place. Easy-peasy.

I hit print and turned around minutes later to find it on the printer waiting for me to print, cut and fold. Ideally, I would have printed this on a nice heavy cover stock on my color printer. But this was just a quick little test.

Since I was writing about my grandmother’s family and you need five photos, I selected the five family baby pictures of my mom, aunts and uncle. If you would like to create your own die of baby-boomer babies, enjoy. Maybe Ryan can download it for Ian and Mason.

Just think of all of the fun things that you can create to play with kids. You could even take pictures of items, like A is for apple, B is for blah, blah, blah. Or for the kid inside of you, you can use it as a way to select who to call next. Or even which friends to invite to a dinner party. The possibilities are endless.

Update! Okay, this is only five sided, which means there is NO BOTTOM… sorry. So not actually a die, but close.

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