Performances performances

Our performance was a great success. The first round was a little
nerve racking. But the second one was not so bad. In fact, I would not
be opposed to performing a third. Now that’s real growth for me!

At the end of the skit, I shared my piece on Mr. Pei. Susan said
someone told her that was her favorite part. That males me very happy.
Hey… That’s what Mr. Pei always says.

We have videos of both performances. They are hysterical. Maybe
they’re so funny because we were in them. I plan to load them onto
Youtube once I return to DC. Despite Mark’s great efforts to run the
servers here, the file is too large for a wireless upload.

Tomorrow night is the much anticipated puppet show on top of the hill.
I can’t wait. If I had to take another class this session, it would
have definitely been puppets. But I so love my class. Plus I wrote
down a DVD and book as references when I stopped by on my way home
tonight. Those puppet people are always working late hours.

It’s so hard to believe that we only have a day and a half left. I’m
hoping to make an auction item tomorrow, plus a sample Jacob’s ladder
box. I don’t think that is optimistic. At least I hope not.

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