Paper Sculpture at 4Culture

I was in total awe of this paper sculpture by Cris Bruch at 4Culture
in Seattle. I saw it passing by on the bus to Chinatown and was
thrilled when we jumped out at this very corner on our way back. We
had hopped a bus other than the one we originally planned on taking.

I promptly entered the space and clarified that it was a gallery among
other things. Most importantly it was a dry spot from the rain. Day
Three was by far our wettest day.

The sculptures is made out of manilla envelopes, wax and string. I’m
pretty sure there are a couple of other materials used. But they have
slipped my mind. This piece is amazing and it was nice to run into it
by chance.

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  1. Anonymous

    You can see more of Chris Bruch’s work on 4Culture’s Artist Registry. Link from the home page: You can take a look at what’s in the gallery as well.

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