Paper Notion

My shop is up!

I have been working on this for a while. Mainly in my head, but I was so happy to open my shop sometime last week. There are a few iffy things, mainly shipping. I still have my shipping prices from fortunehearts. So if something strikes your fancy, please make a purchase and we can work out any shipping costs. Plus, I know that I need to add my measurements for my small paper sculptures.

I plan to add more projects soon, including a DIY download for how to make an origami nativity scene. We created that project last December at a church gathering. It was a lot of fun and has since been a popular search term on my blog stats. I gathered all of the patterns from various library books. Plus I have had a specific request for the directions. So I need to take some time to put it together in an easy readable format.

Plus if you have any custom requests, please let me know! Christmas is right around the corner!

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  1. EliseBlaha

    congrats caroline!
    I love your banner!

  2. Cherie H.

    I love the site Caroline! Congratulations!!

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