Oxford: Hear Me Roar!

Oxford: Hear Me Roar! by carolinearmijo

Oxford is almost complete.

I took sixty pictures of Mr. Tiger in our little English Garden just now. I have not selected the final photograph. But I wanted to focus on our hostas and hellebores, since I was obsessed with the plants for sometime in 2010. Then there they were in our backyard two years later.

The tiger is based on Oliver’s favorite children’s book Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. Oxford is so magical that you instantly understand how many children’s stories have poured out of it. Since Stockholm is about Lucy, it seemed fitting that Oxford would be about Oliver. I hope that we will all go as a family three years from now.

I believe that this little roar will be the only photo out of all seven pieces from the Souvenir Series. Granted I do not have a clue as to the materials representing Paris.

Oxford is fifth in the series, which I hope to complete by the end of September. I almost have up on meeting my deadline before catching a second wind last night. I hope to finish Stockholm tonight. Then that’s nine days to execute Paris. The only clue I have is it involves walking.

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