Out and About – The Bugaboo Bee Review

Last night, I felt compelled to make a quick trip to Safeway. It would have been quick if they had more than three people working the registers. I guess that Safeway still doesn’t understand that this is the only grocery store serving the area.

Instead of putting Lucy in our stroller’s car seat adapter, I wanted to take a real test drive of the actual stroller, complete with seat. Even though it has been unseasonably cool (I am not complaining!!!), I thought that maybe we should remove the top of the Bugaboo Bee Nest.

I think that it was Lucy’s nap time and she was starting to fuss. We laid her down and she let out a cry, but instantly fell asleep. As we started to move, her eyes opened really wide and she was checking everything out. Every little bump caught her attention. As long as we kept moving, she was enamored with the ride.

As part of my belabored stroller research, the drawback to the Bee was that Lucy would be riding so low to the ground. Yes, that is true. But on the flip side, that keeps her farther away from prying hands. People who would otherwise touch her have to bend down just as far as I do. That extra little bend seems to keep people at a distance.

I was able to fit two large cans of peaches, two large Simply juice containers, a few avocados and a magazine in the basket under the seat. I still had plenty of room to fill with other items. I was quite pleased. Plus with the little stroller hooks on the handle, I was able to hang a couple of bags of groceries. Bugaboo warns that this may cause the stroller to tip, but it seemed stable to me.

The stroller had a little bit of a challenge when not hitting the curb edge in the right place. The front wheel would turn at an angle. But I can lock the front wheels if I like. I am sure that the big brother Chameleon or Frog could take these small edges in stride. But I love the fact that the stroller is still open in my living room and I don’t even notice it. We have plenty of space to walk by it open and it folds compactly enough to hang on the back of our closet door.

I was so excited about our grocery store outing, that I decided we should walk Henry to work this morning. This was my first walk with him since probably early April. I may have attempted a few walks after then, but I would end up giving up around the studio. I finally can walk faster than a turtle. I would say that my stride is competitive with Henry’s.

We stopped in the office so that Janice could meet Lucy. As you know, babies are always a reason to gather in the hallway. But I also forgot to bring my keys in my haste. So we had to let Henry in his office and then take his keys with us.

After Lucy met the C&B 6th floor, I headed straight to the Mall and my favorite spot. I wished that I had cash in hand for the USDA Farmer’s Market. But instead I sat on a bench at my favorite spot outside of the Hirshhorn. I had often thought this would be the perfect spot to take a break on our morning walk with a baby. Today I wrote in my journal, but quit before she decided it was time to go. This area seems secluded enough that maybe there isn’t any drug paraphernalia in the lush grass. Maybe one day we will watch Lucy start to take her first steps around here. I’m sure we will visit this bench many times before then.

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