Our first non-family visitors

Our first non-family visitors

Sarah, Jed and Macon came all the way from Raleigh for a morning play date. Lucy was very excited to see Jed and crouch down and explain things to Macon.

Lucy picked out this adorable dress from Linda to wear today. She told Jed that his grandma gave it to her for her birthday. She remembers everything, especially if it is related to possessions. Like that is Grandma’s chair or Uncle’s car.

Granted this title may not be historically accurate. But I have done a very poor job of documenting anything over the last month. And I’ve had lots of service men here working, including three today. Our “new house” is all consuming. I’m hoping hoping hoping one day we will be all settled in and I can work on something else. I feel like we are getting closer. But I’ve basically ignored the guest room and Lucy’s room is a total disaster. Plus I still need to organize our bathroom supplies in the next 24 hours.

Our first non-family visitors

But the sunroom was set up on day one and Macon found his favorite little nook, Lucy’s desk, where he was quite pleased with working by himself.

Sarah asked for Teddie if I was ever going to blog again. Short answer: yes. For months, Henry either prodded me into blogging or actually blogged for me. Hint: if there are links, there is an eighty percent chance Henry wrote it. Soon after arriving in NC, I learned my iPhone was completely maxed out on capacity. That has seriously hindered my blogging. And switching to a new phone is on the bottom of my list. But it is there!

I must say that Lucy and I love being so close to home. We have not made any new friends yet, but we are fortunate to see various family members often. Yesterday my uncle Bo came to visit. Then we went to Heather and Pat’s to see for another family visit. Before we left, Lucy told Bo all about Connor and Lilly. Then we explained that he is their uncle, too. At Chipotle, Lucy called Bo Uncle Man. So she is starting to learn who is who.

Lucy is still highly in tune with anything related to Washington, DC. We were at mom’s watching a disgusting show about meals around the country most likely to kill someone of a heart attack. That wasn’t the title, of course. But she ran over thrilled when she heard them say Washington, DC during the Ben’s Chili Bowl segment.

Henry has been in Kenya this week. We are anxiously awaiting his return home. It’s a 26 hour travel agenda. He has already headed to the airport. We are picking him up tomorrow around 6:30. What a happy way to celebrate the Fourth! Makes me want to give a high five!

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