One of My Favorite Stories: Chester Pitts

Nicolette reminded me of one of my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl. The NFL ad featuring Chester Pitts, who was bagging groceries and playing the oboe before Ephraim Salaam pointed out that he should play football.

As Nicolette wisely points out:
“It’s a good reminder to take a closer look at the strengths others see in us and to give voice to the potential we see in others.

Often those around us can see a strength we have not yet recognized in ourselves… and sometimes it can lead us to our dreams!”

I noticed that the tag line reads “There are a thousand stories in the NFL.” I hope that means there are more inspiring stories to come.

I believe that stories are pretty powerful and as I make plans for my projects this year (and many years to come) I keep coming back to stories. I made a little diagram the other day that I like to write, illustrate and package stories. Plus I like to help others do the same. Stories can connect you to your creativity, also another very powerful tool everyone should sharpen and keep ready.

So look for more of my favorite stories coming up.

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1 Comment

  1. Nicolette

    You are so right Caroline, stories are the thread to our creativity. I love how you highlight so many ways to creatively tell our stories!

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