One Hundred Years Ago Today

Me and Memaw

Mark sent me a sweet email today reminding me that today would have been Memaw’s one hundredth birthday.

I hope you, Henry and Lucy are doing well. Today was MeMaw’s birthday, so I just wanted to say hello to someone that would matter to. The Winston-Salem Journal asked people to email them about things that they missed (rides, attractions etc) from previous Dixie Classic Fairs. I miss going with MeMaw and Cheryl. MeMaw just wanted to go to the exhibits and get something to eat and she was happy, but she always put up with us young’uns wanting to ride the rides, just as long as we didn’t “show out”. If you have the means, why not have a (6 1/2 oz. glass bottle) Coke and a smile in her memory. Have a great evening. I look forward to seeing ya’ll soon.

Sweet Memaw. I am quite fortunate that she lived until she was almost 95. I found the memorial book I created for her when she passed away in 2005. It is filled with pictures and cards written by people attending her funeral. I loved meeting the candy man and all of the people she knew throughout her life.

And I finally clarified the story about Cecil Montgomery picking me up on the side of the road. I had left my house while mom was on the phone. I said I was going to my Memaw’s. I was two. I was headed in the right direction.

I was greatly impacted by her death. I was surprised at how upset I was since she had not remembered who I was for at least a dozen years. Maybe I was also grieving who I lost during that time. But she was still very sweet and always excited to see me when I visited her.

In the last year, I watched the incredibly moving profile Jan’s Story: A Love Lost to Alzheimer’s on CBS Sunday Morning. The woman does not want her grandchildren to visit her after she is mentally gone. Visits may be harder for a younger child. Granted Memaw only had dimentia. But as an adult I learned that I have Memaw’s hands, fingers and fingernails. I would have never learned that otherwise. Last year when I was pregnant with Lucy, I wanted to know what I was carrying on from each of my grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond. So any grain of knowledge was valuable to me. Plus all of those wonderful memories of who Memaw really was to me came flooding back with her passing.


more family photos of when my dad was a little boy

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  1. sarah d.

    What a sweet tribute, and what a great picture of you and her in front of the house. I am in tears and will be on the lookout for a glass coke bottle to raise today. What would have been Be’s 96th is coming up next week.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Thanks, Sarah! My memories of Memaw would not be complete without you!

    So great to hear that Be is a fall baby, too. I know that you miss her.

  3. sarah d.

    I had to settle for a can. Probably should have had a kitkat and pack of now-or-laters, too.

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