On The State of Things

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced my first live interview! I was invited to join The State of Things on WUNC during a recording session in Downtown Greensboro at the Triad City Stage. It was quite thrilling.

Check out Making Art For The Masses here.

In addition to rocking out to Melissa Reeves midday, it was even more thrilling to be featured with Clark Whittington, who has transformed old cigarette machines into ways to distribute art for the masses. He has been doing it for twenty years now. Way back in my fortuneheart days, I spent some late nights figuring out how I could contribute to Art-o-Mat, but to no avail.

We headed to SECCA that very week to check out twenty years of Art-o-Mat. We loved it, especially the flying crow.

We even saw lots of work by an old friend, Scott Blake. I first encountered his work with giant bar code prints inside his bare apartment one New Year’s Eve, which I will forever associate with Teenage Wasteland.

This guy even took home a new friend. I am hoping I found a new one, too! I look forward to collaborating with you, Clark.

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