On the Mend

On the Mend by carolinearmijo
On the Mend, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Henry found Lucy already awake this morning. It was her first morning where she did not wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and with a fever. This week Lucy has been the sickest that she has ever been, aside from being dehydrated way back when. She turned down tv, popscicles and French fries. She even reintroduced an afternoon nap for three days. What happened to my child? Today she is back to eating French fries and watching Angelina Ballerina. And she told me she would take her nap later.

I am swearing off goal setting after my last blog post. I must have jinxed myself. I would have accomplished more if I said I hope to only watch tv this week. Granted I spent almost all of yesterday at two different doctors’ offices. I think I have a mild version of her virus, so today I packed up my main project and hope to tackle it again once preschool starts in September. This is unacceptable to Henry, but maybe a morning nap will be a little more solidified by then and I can knock it out in less than an hour.

I have four drafts of blog posts that I hope to finish. Plus we have been working on covering a Pamper’s box with duct tape so that it can be a NYC/mermaid set. Yes, we still haven’t finished even that simple of a project over five days. But we are so close. Maybe one or two more pieces of tape to go.

Next week is a camp week. So I hope that it will be a new normal week for everyone and we manage to get back into the swing of things soon.

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