Ollie’s First Tooth

Ollie's First Tooth by carolinearmijo
Ollie’s First Tooth, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

In addition to Lucy’s glasses, we had another milestone on Friday. Oliver cut his first tooth. I was not even looking for it.

Last Sunday, I thought that something was off. I looked to see if he was starting another Wonder Week. He was – Leap Five. Only 28 days to go. I instantly knew when we started Leap Four and flipped out when I read 33 days to go. So I just chalked up his poor napping skills to a new development phase. Granted he was teething a lot.

Unlike Lucy who could care less, Oliver loves Sophie the Giraffe and goes to town on her legs. (I’m concerned that we may have lost her this week. But I need to start hunting to make sure.) I also noticed some drool. But mainly just that Oliver needed to be held and lots of cat naps.

On Thursday night I decided maybe I could put his teething necklace on. I bought him one over a month ago when I bought an amber necklace for mom. Otis, a little brother of Lucy’s classmate wears a teething necklace. Amber is a natural pain reliever when worn next to the skin. We were discussing this close to mom’s birthday. She still suffers from shingles pain daily. (GET YOUR SHINGLES SHOT!!!) So I asked mom to pick out a necklace that she liked. If she had pain relief, wonderful. If not, she still got a new necklace.

It worked! Before long mom was sleeping in it. She still takes some pain medicine but she was able to cut back considerably. She was even spreading the amber gospel at church. Quite frankly I also want one.

Every night for over a month, Ollie has SCREAMED as we approached bedtime. I thought he was decisive and ready to go to bed. But I definitely knew he was angry. This baby cussed me out every single night. And we stopped going anywhere or planning anything. I basically held my breath if we had anything after six. I was not happy. But what can you do. He has definitely been different than Lucy.

On Thursday, I looked in his mouth and saw a tiny red dot on the far left side. It was by no means big and bulging angry red. I rubbed it, put the necklace on and put him to bed. For the first time all week, he slept for two hours straight. I’m sure he was exhausted. Mainly I was relieved. But now I know he was in pain.

The next day, O hung out in his swing for a while. Granted he still didn’t sleep, but he was content. At some point I checked on his gum again. There was a teeny white triangle visible on the front, not the top of the gum. I guess it will eventually get up there. But I never expected him to get a tooth this soon, needless to say his bottom right canine.

Lucy’s first tooth came unnoticed around ten months. So far Oliver has been so much faster to do everything compared to his sister. This milestone holds true to that theory.

Thankfully the evening anger has subside. I feel like my life has changed overnight thanks to the amber necklace. Oliver still hates being in the car anywhere near his bedtime. Translation: he will scream the entire way home regardless of how far. But at least he is content at home. One night I kept him up until 8:20. It felt so scandalous, which only makes me laugh considering our bedtimes four years ago. Every child is different. I’m glad to know its more than just parenting.

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