Oliver at Nine Months

I totally forgot Oliver’s nine-month birthday last Thursday. I think I remembered on Friday night even though I told another mom he was turning nine months on the sixth!

During the same 24-hour period, I realized I did not have the mental capacity to create mailing labels on my computer even though that was a regular part of my job for seven years. Maybe I want that skill to return to me or maybe I don’t. So I opted to hand write addresses for our pending Valentine’s package that includes my 2013 correspondence – Lucy’s fourth birthday card, Oliver’s birth announcement, Lucy’s pre-school picture (to a select few) and a few thank you notes.

I have to admit that in my giddy postpartum euphoria I did not write down a single gift or meal given to me after Oliver arrived. So I completely apologize to those who have not received a thank you note. And I am so thankful that I wrote thank you notes for everything prior to the birth.

Anyway, I haven’t posted a video in a while, so this is Oliver in all his glory. Plus Lucy is trying desperately to upstage him. Lucy was such a quiet baby. She never learned how to squeal or scream until the three-year-old classroom. But Oliver has figured out how to make a guttural scream, as seen here.

The first time he made it was a couple of months ago at Whole Foods while checking out. The guy bagging groceries looked at him. All I could offer was he was either unhappy or just figured out he could make that noise. I think it was the latter.

We go for his nine-month check-up this week. So I’ll get to learn how much he weighs other than A LOT. His second tooth is barely poking through at tiny points. His top two teeth look like they are ready to pop out any minute. I keep wondering if they are all going to arrive at once.

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