Oliver at Five Months

Oliver at Five Months by carolinearmijo
Oliver at Five Months, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Oliver was a champion during today’s ride home from Charleston. Thanks to our little early bird, we left the hotel the earliest in my fifteen years of traveling with Henry via car. And doubly thanks to Oliver, we beat the line at Hominy Grill before leaving Charleston by 10 am.

We introduced Oliver to this little bag chair. He does a little better with the pillow in front of him. I think if I hooked a few toys on it, we would have even more success. He liked sitting in the chair for a while. Plus he loved chatting with the woman sitting next to him. But he grew a little frustrated by the time our meal arrived. Maybe he wants to eat our food!

Much to my delight and surprise, Ollie did not cry the entire trip home. He started to whine as we neared Wendover. I was amazed. I think the trick is this: he doesn’t totally hate his car seat. He wants to be flat ok his back when he is ready to go to bed. And that’s that. I was traveling a lot with him in the evenings and I just totally stopped in the last month. This weekend he slept in the car coming and going. We survived the five-hour drive. But we made sure to arrive well before 5 pm.

Tonight Mom and Dad brought Lucy back to Greensboro. Oliver literally leapt from my arms towards Mom. He also threw himself on Lucy at one point. He is definitely not shy in the least and he already loves his family. He really hasn’t rolled over or found his toes much at all. But he definitely knows where he wants to be and knows how to get his body going the right way.

We were all in the living room talking after dinner. Oliver likes to get your attention by coughing. It is really funny. At 7:15, O started crying. I told Mom how shocked I was that he just wants to go to bed so decisively. Lucy still never fades before bedtime and it continues to be a challenge. But I can’t get him to bed fast enough. So I nursed Oliver and he was still fussing. Mom pointed out that he was too hot. So I removed him from his pajamas. Then I realized he was upset because his grandpa had left the room. We moved to the den and all was well again.

But once Mom and Dad left, the tears were on and bedtime was pretty easy. Oliver is a big fan of the Sleep Sheep. And I’m grateful that what I thought was a waste of money for Lucy is treasured by this little guy.

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