oh, baby

I spent way too much mental energy on these napkins.

We took a very quick trip to NC this past weekend to host a baby shower for Sarah, as seen here. Only hitch – Sarah was missing.

Sarah has had a challenging last couple of weeks with early contractions. So she is restricted to bed rest. This has been a little challenging/frustrating/irritating for Sarah. She is generally a very active person. Telling her to sit still is not something she will ever take lightly. Since our trip, Henry accuses me of wishing for bed rest every time I sit down. Oh me…

Instead of blogging lately, I have been obsessed with Sarah’s blog. She tells it like it is. One of her more catchy titles – “Liars.” Her doctors told her that she had to stay an extra night in the hospital. I can already tell that Sarah is on her way to being one of the mothers making six figures from revealing all of the details of the lives of their children. Sarah, tune into tomorrow’s Today Show for all of the how-to’s.

Sarah made it home from the hospital just in time for us to bring her a giant sheet cake left over from the baby shower. I must admit that I was checking out her various couch rest activities. I fell in love with her crewel work and have placed “The New Crewel” in my Amazon shopping cart. I am pretty certain that my mom still has some crewel projects in a bag in her closet. I know that she hasn’t touched those in a solid thirty years. Hmmm… I should have grabbed Mom’s tools before leaving town.

It was not the same without Sarah. Although it was a lot of fun planning with Paige. After a series of emails, I just broke down and wrote, “Paige, I love you. How have I not had you in my life over the last ten years.” Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do. Maybe I should Paige on my speed dial.

Linda and Carson did an excellent job standing in for Sarah. Lots of presents were opened. We all wrote words of advice on cards for Sarah.

Plus, we even participated in voting on a name. Sarah and Eric have been pretty brave to open up their son’s potential name to the opinions of the entire internet and the women of Germanton Baptist Church. You can also vote online for the next two weeks.

Happy Birthday to Eric and Happy 32 weeks to Sarah!

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  1. Sarah

    I can only hope I’ll make six figures by talking about my kid(s)!! Thanks for the great post!

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