No Words

My blog list included a heartbreaking update on the Massencup Quads last night. Justin and Megan lost their first set of twins, A and B.

It is always so hard to know what to say in times like this. Because we face these occurrences of loss through our friends and family throughout life. And I find that I feel the most vulnerable and insecure about the words that I have used when trying to comfort the people I love the most. Days, weeks, months, years later. Yes, I worry. If I HAVE offended you, then chances are good that I am STILL agonizing over just what I said. I am very sorry for what I said. I am trying to learn that less is more.

Through Design Mom, I found a blog post appropriately titled What NOT to say in times like these. I found both the post and comments helpful and comforting.

I think that loss today is very hard, because it is very public in a time when you feel so broken and raw. We post condolences via Facebook or share lots of personal information on blogs. (Myself included.) I would have likely not written this blog post without finding the Sunshine Promises blog about finding the right words. But everyone faces loss and comforting others. And we all need help in this area.

I found Megan’s words incredibly graceful and powerful in a complicated time of obvious pain and joy for the healthy remaining set of twins. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family.

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