No Brainer: Health Tracks

Thanks to my favorite baby blog, Ohdeedoh, I discovered Health Tracks, this great medical journal, which you can use to track your child’s health history. I’m getting the soft cover edition, because of a recent run on the hardcover. More will be available in mid-June. But I thought that it would be best for me to start off this new life with the actual book in hand.

If you are an internet-savvy kind of parent, you should opt for the online Healthetracks, which gives you online access to your child’s health history anywhere in the world via the internet for just $2 a month. Is that a Happy Meal?

Thanks to the new Penn Quarter Parents group, we had a little online discussion of Downtown Pediatricians. Granted there are none within walking distance, I think that I have zeroed in on a doctor that is on the red line, plus not far from a Circulator ride home. My OB/GYN had recommended Dr. Nicole Lang, so we are giving her a try.

After talks of nightmare experiences with pediatricians, the DC Forum made me wish for simpler options found in a much smaller town. Yes, chances are, I will likely be late. I have learned to be punctual IF it does not involve me waking up at an irregular time. So with a little one in tow… well, I hope that I won’t be plagued with empty pages of wellness visits in my Health Track journal. In other words, I hope that my first month visit won’t be bumped to a third because of a traffic jam. Apparently that is not uncommon.

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