News Flash: Gocco Machine Acquired

My first Christmas at Paper Source (2005), I decided in the midst of all the chaos that I wanted a Gocco machine and it was on the top of my list. I shared this with Cristina behind the front register to learn that she had just bought one BUT they were being discontinued. What!?! I was crushed. And Santa did not deliver.

That is really old news, of course. There is even a Save Gocco web site.

But this morning, I read that Paper Source was putting their Gocco machines from the workshops on sale. Thank you, Elise. I didn’t even finish reading her blog entry before calling Georgetown to buy my machine.

I am pretty sure that Jana will be happy to ship to you if you live out of state. But for my NC friends, I think that I am planning a trip home in mid-September. Right after Arts on Foot. Now I just need to make something with my Gocco machine for that weekend. I only have two screens, so it has to be something good.

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