New Player at the GCM

New Player at the GCM by carolinearmijo
New Player at the GCM, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Yesterday we met a friend at the Greensboro Children’s Museum, one of our favorite places to play on muddy days. I found that Oliver is now exploring the museum just as much as Lucy. Granted most of his exploration is with his mouth.

Lucy and Amaris went outside to shoot off foot-powered rockets and I eventually had to return indoors so that I could put O on the ground. For one thing, he is heavy. Seriously. I need to call the home health nurse for a weigh-in. Second, it was super muddy yesterday. No way wadi going to let him mud crawl over to the garden to see what was the big kids were up to.

So here’s Oliver’s first taste of chalk literally.

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