My Semi-Homemade Baby Gift Journal

A couple of days before my NC baby shower, I realized that I needed somewhere to record my gifts. I bought this super cute journal by greenroom eco from Target. I was pretty lucky to find it, because I haven’t seen another journal or matching accessory since.

Prior to the shower, I was very worried about duplicates, so I wanted a fool-proof place to collect the receipts. I also figured that I would receive a couple of gift cards, too. Turns out I collected more gift cards than receipts. And my duplicates were very limited. All of that worrying for nothing…

With a simple little paper portfolio, I expanded the usefulness of this little journal. Plus I think that it is even cuter with the reused ribbon from Shannon’s bridesmaids gift. Luckily for me, the additional envelopes for my wedding invitations were the perfect size to fit into the front cover.

I planned to create a different folder for each of my showers, but I found that it has been easier to put all of the receipts and gift cards together into a clear plastic envelope. I would hate to loose anything!

Also, check out this super cute use of a paper portfolio from Elise… love love love.

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