My Goals for the Year

This year I’m trying to step back from having a whole bunch of specific measurable goals. Instead I’m hope to focus on some fun things in the new year. I hope these will leave plenty of room to enjoy the kids at this stage of life. Look at these guys! So cute!

1. Explore Art & Play and Playgrounds
I’m hoping to rethink my previous projects in terms of my art and create some more substantial work. I hope this will evolve into something beyond this year.

2. Collaborate
I would say this is my biggest focus of the year. I’m glad 2015 has already presented me with this gift.

3. Write 12 Songs
This is my most measurable goal. Every journal I own includes “I should be a songwriter.” So I have no idea what will come of it, but can’t hurt trying something new.

4. Work on Landscaping
We have a cute little house with over thirty hydrangea bushes. But yard work is at the very bottom of my priority list.

5. Learn how to use my camera.

6. Work on my posture.
I was in the best shape ever when I focused on my posture post-Lucy/pre-Oliver. Gaining half an inch does a lot for your BMI, too.

7. Finish my art projects
I have some outstanding projects I need to finish. Plus a few more from my sketch book that I’m ready to explore.

8. Paint! LARGE!

9. Bikes
I abandoned my bike in the garage of the DC Courthouse in 2006. Time to make space in the garage for a new one.

10. Travel
Travel is critical to being myself, even if it’s just an hour away.

And that’s it! I think the collage reflects a lot of this. So we will see if a trip to Knoxville or Paris makes it way into the year. If so, I will be making a collage EVERY New Year.

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