my first issue of MerriMail

Henry and I were sitting at our respective computers working when I heard a knock at the door. It was the mailman and he had a gift for me – my first issue of MerriMail! What an exciting treat for such a dreary day here in DC. I was thrilled to finally see the product of months of planning and preparation. I was so excited that I had to immediately take a picture and post it to the blog.

Receiving MerriMail in the mail was such a nice alternative to stalking down the FedEx driver, which is how Henry spent most of Wednesday and Thursday. For some reason, the FedEx driver never thinks to use the call box at the front door. Since I work at home, I am typically here to receive the package. But I guess that is part of city living and precisely why MerriMail is delivered in the mail.

Plus,MerriMail also received her first press feature in the Elkin Tribune today. Look for us on page 11.

So if you have not subscribed to MerriMail yet, be sure to sign up today. It is not too late to receive the first issue. Or, of course, give it as a gift.

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  1. KJ

    I don’t even live in a big city and the last time I got a FedEx package — even though someone was home to receive it — the delivery guy chose to…slap it in a bag and hang it on the mailbox, so anyone driving by could help themselves to it, if they desired to do so.

    And it was pricey ink, at that.

    In a bag! Hanging on the mailbox!

    But, thank goodness, it wasn’t harmed.

    Also, the Merrimail does look very merry and I’ll have to check it out further. Thanks for the info about it!

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