My first book exercise

I made it to Penland after eight hours of driving and four stops. I
was beginning to wonder if I would ever get there as I wound around 226.

Despite being sticky from the humidity, Penland is amazing. I really
wish that Henry was here with me. Maybe next time, no definitely. The
food is delicious, as are the views.

So far, we’ve had two gatherings of improv. I’ve gone with the flow,
although it was a stretch. It’s much easier to participate as a group
than alone. I didn’t do that well in my presentation of my book
project above.

This week’s session is all about the body. Several additional
activities have been scheduled to tie the theme together. And my book
class is all about books that can be used as part of a performance. I
love learning the various structures beyond the traditional bound book.

Our first exercise was to create a book that can be attatched to the
body. It had to include six different materials and text. Plus it is
supposed to express transformation and change. So I created this book
of wings/feathers/transparent pages to be worn over my shoulders. I
used letrapress letters I have had for several years to write a poem:

honeysuckle sweetens
the moist summer air
Ideas brush
round my shoulders
whispering in my ears

The pages move back and forth creating a rustling noise. On the back
of each page are layers of bright color pages. I’ve uploaded a couple
of other pictures to Flickr and my web site.

I ran out of time and didn’t fully think about how to attach my piece
to my shoulders. So as I appeared from behind our impromptu curtain of
cardboard sheets, I didn’t exactly have the effect that I wanted.
Maybe as I move beyond this week, I can collaborate with a performer
if this doesn’t grab hold of me.

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