my bed

It’s only 8:40 and I am ready for bed. That is very atypical for me. I can usually run full steam until about 11:30 or so. Before I started working at home, I would come home from work, take a 15 minute nap after dinner and could create for another three or four hours in our second bedroom. Now we don’t have a second bedroom. Instead, I have a studio up the Green Line. That is very exciting, but a little more limiting in regards to when I can work on specific tasks.

One work space that I have consistently used is my bed. When I am really hunkered down with stacks of books, Henry will call me Mark Twain, who was known for writing in bed. I guess I really started working in bed during college. Our rooms were pretty tiny and often my twin bed would be the only clean surface area in the room. It’s almost like a comfortable island. Anything that I no longer needed, I would just throw it on the floor.

I wrote large portions of my thesis in my bed. I was also in the bed writing the intro to my Remembering Life journal when my mom called to let me know that my grandmother was about to die. I continue to write in bed every morning.

Now as I approach the end of a very busy week, I am ready to retreat to my bed to read, write and think. It is a comforting and warm space where I can nestle down and really brainstorm. I have several projects on my to do list that I am really excited about, but require more than staring at a computer screen. I guess the next step for me is to get in bed with my project journal and get to work.

Good night.

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