More from Pyramid Atlantics Book Arts Fair

A continuation of my previous entry on Pyramid Atlantic 2006 Washington Book Arts Fair and Conference

Crystals, by Karen Hanmer

The more time I spend looking at Karen Hanmer’s work, the more I love it. She has the complete package – amazing stories, striking graphics, a clean and simple pricelist that is its own momento and and an awesome web site. There were at least three of us standing on end of the table and we thought that we heard her say she was teaching at Penland. We all stopped dead in our tracks and asked her again. I would definitely be there. Or anywhere… I just searched her web site for workshops, but did not see any. I hope to find some soon. I love her work. All of it.

Colfax Day & Night, by Laura Russell

When I walked up to Laura Russell’s table, I stared to realize that this is what I can do with all of my photographs. Talk about being inspired. She has mastered the creative application of her bright and playful photography to amazing book formats.

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  1. Caroline Armijo

    I just found Karen Hanmer’s workshops under calendar. You have to scroll down quite a bit.

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