Me and the cat in Freemont

It seems as if Seattle is full of book stores.

This is one in Freemont that has a small picture by the door of the
two cats who live inside. The caption beneath warns patrons that they
are plotting their escape. I took a quick break in the children’s
section and decide to read this book republished from the Forties.
“How to Behave and Why” reminds us that we should be fair, honest,
strong, and… Well, the fourth one has completely slipped my mind.

The cat decided to hang out while I read the book. He did consider
attacking my scarf. Fortunately he retreated pretty quickly.

Fremont gas lots of great shops, an extensive Sunday market, including
lots of junk, and some pretty yum pizza at Mad Pizza.

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1 Comment

  1. suicide_blond

    awww…. i have given that book to almost every person i know..i think a lot of adults need it tooo…

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