Me and Mr. Pei

Today was my last Tai Chi class before leaving on a two week trip to Penland School of Crafts. I repeatedly told Mr. Pei that I would be gone for two weeks in hopes that he would remember. His response was, “You will be the teacher.” I am not sure that he got it. So I told Peter, his caretaker, to remember. I didn’t want him to get upset and call me again. Not that I don’t want him to call, but I won’t be here to answer.

So when I ran into them again on the street, I took a picture of Mr. Pei and Peter. If you’re in search of a documentary idea, I could imagine that would be an interesting couple to follow. Mr. Pei wanted a picture with me. I should have put on a little lipstick first. I hope my mom doesn’t notice.

So I’m off to Penland. This has been a dream of mine for the last ten years. The stars were finally in alignment. When my collage teacher suggested it as a next step, I jumped on the chance.

My class is with Susan Joy Share. We are exploring movable, bendable, wearable books. I must have glossed over the part about improv. I am a little scared because I totally resist any role playing activities. I only participated in the last of the three scenarios at the Exotic Dancer MBA after being forced into it AND admitting to a stripper that I had never been to a strip club. Plus the only stripper I had seen at a bachelorette party put his clothes back on, took pictures of the girls, and left early. A slow look of anxiety crept over her face. I am honest to a fault. So this will be a stretch for me, to say the least.

I hope to have Internet access, so that I can post updates from my trip. Now that I’ve FINALLY figured out blogging from my iPhone, I’m wondering if I should take my laptop. I’m certain that Henry’s answer is no.

I also hope to blog a few long over due posts before I leave. Keep your fingers crossed.

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