Maybe not friends yet

Lucy and I are hanging out waiting for the camera battery to recharge.
I’m hoping for an afternoon photo shoot before we lose the nice light.
So Henry pulled out Inoo Lala for a quick introduction. Lucy never
actually looked Inoo in the eye. I guess he is still a little big for
her at this point.

Lucy has a little baby acne on her forehead. We visited her
pediatrician this morning, who warned it would get worse before it
gets better. She said, "Take pictures now."

I have seen lots of cute pictures of my friends’ children via
Facebook. But I’ve not been with it enough to arrange for a
professional photo shoot. Besides this outfit from Chad and Erica is
one of few that fit her. So I’m also on a race against a major spit up
or explosion out the other end. And let’s be real, I don’t have a lot
to choose from in my wardrobe, as well.

If you have recommendations for a photographer in the DC or WS area,
please let me know in the comments below. Maybe I can arrange
something soon.

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  1. Stellas Sweets Shop

    I am a big fan of Sally Gupton. She did our engagement photos, and they turned out great. Kelli Kano is another wonderful photographer in the Winston area…however, I think Kelli is a bit more $$.

    Lucy is precious!!

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