Mama and a Daddy and a

Mama and a Daddy and a

In our house, everything is either a mama, a daddy or a baby. People asks me what Lucy calls my mom and Dad. Mama and Daddy. Yep. Granted she knows all if the Sesame Street characters and woke up yesterday talking about The Count. As someone who has always enjoyed loose associations, I started to wonder just what Lucy was thinking when she pointed out parts of my earring as a mama, a daddy and a baby on my earlobe. Could she be a genius? Am I missing something here? The above lizard is a mama and the cow a daddy. Just in case you are wondering.

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  1. My 4-year old son calls boys “sharp parts” and girls “mingos.” I think I’ve tracked down the origination of the words from Alice in Wonderland. The card soldiers are boys and they hold spears (sharp parts) and the croquet mallets were flamingos and my son thinks they are girls.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Genius! I can’t believe you ever figured that out. Major kudos to you.

  3. Caroline (Author)

    Over a month later, we played with this puzzle. She called the lizard a mama and the cow a daddy again! So weird.

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