Making of the Rose Windows

Making of the Rose Windows

I did not know this when I bought these scissors, but they were the answer to my prayers. They are beautiful, aren’t they. I bought them on a whim when we went to Chapel Hill a few weeks ago. The Ackland has a new gift shop on the corner of Franklin and MLK. Genius move on their part. I would have been totally poor if it had been there twenty years ago.

The shop currently features a Japanese shop reflecting the main exhibit at the Museum. There are so many beautiful gifts available. I was making a list in my head. But once I spotted the scissors, I lost track and asked an employee for assistance.

I could tell that she thought it was nuts to seriously consider them once I learned the price. They were $35. That is a lot for a pair of scissors, but not if you are say a hair stylist. Mine told me his cost between $500-$1000 dollars and require regular sharpening.

So I said I would take them explaining that I was a book artist, so I cut a lot. She promptly asked me if I saw the bone folders. I politely said yes. But I really thought, “Oh yes, child. I have at least six bone folders.”

I took my scissors home and placed them on top of my fridge. Of course.

Making of the Rose Windows

Sometime during all of this Pyramid Atlantic prep, I labored over creating a suitable file to have a die made for my Accu-cut machine. I was very nervous about this. I knew there was a chance that it wouldn’t work, BUT it could be a major time saver. Plus it could prevent me from getting carpal tunnel, which we all know leads to surgery. But dies are way more expensive than scissors. Eventually it was a risk that I took.

Once I started rolling out the petals to my rose window, I realized that my die was not completely matching up. I don’t know if the issue was with my print job or if they stretched out my die. Essentially there is a crescent moon of white along the top of every petal. Plus the sandwich of plastic was just a little off. That’s when I began praying fervently. I already had so much money invested in these windows. I needed them to somehow come together.

Finally I had an idea that I needed to flip my laminate in the Accu-cut to make a mirror image for the petal. That helped things tremendously. But the hallelujahs came after I started using my new scissors. The difference between the Japanese brand and my pair from Target was night and day.

Making of the Rose Windows

This morning, all of my pieces were trimmed and I had removed the paper from the small binding hole at the base of the petals and the center of the screws. Then I realized that the hole was .05 mms off. I’m more of an inches gal, myself. But this is not a lot. After I individually punched this again, I can tell you that the excess plastic looked a lot like Lucy’s fingernails when she would let me cut them.

Facing this final step almost sent me over the edge. But I completed seven books by 3 pm. I probably would have finished sooner if I hadn’t checked my phone between each book. Maybe that is the equivalent of eating a bowl of cereal while writing a paper in college.

Last night I dreamed I ate half a box of fruity pebbles. Was this an anxiety dream? Was I anticipating today? I still need to pack before I head out tomorrow at 9 am. But first I need to eat my third bowl of cereal for the day. Sadly I have Honeynut Cheerios and not fruity pebbles. Although my blood sugar is probably grateful.

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