Lucy’s New Tree House Work Space

Last week, we were at the studio and some serious whining began around 5:30. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I began putting together the Circo Tree Tent I recently bought from Target. I seriously coveted it last year. When I spotted one in Florida, Henry and I almost had a knock-down drag-out fight over why I couldn’t buy it there. I conceded. Fortunately I found one in Alexandria.

She loved it! If you can’t tell from this pictures, Lucy began coloring immediately. That was the longest I have ever seen her color. She kept standing up and walking half way around her desk (which is a breastfeeding foot stool) and sitting back down again. In the final shots, she stood up in joy, sat back down again and stood again. She could not contain the excitement.

The tent reminds me so much of the Weeble Wobble Tree House, that I could not resist buying it for her. Besides now that she is a little girl, she needs some little spaces and furniture. Our spaces were completely lacking in that department. I was going to wait until Christmas to build the tent, but it has been really hard keeping her out of Stuart’s space and work at the same time. At this point, it completely blocks access to his desk. For better or worse. (Sorry, Stuart.)

I bought her a couple of plastic chairs for her room this week. Whoa. She has hosted several tea parties and has a new relationship with stuffed animals that can sit in chairs. The tent and chairs have been life-changing. She finally plays on her own and doesn’t run after me when I take her diaper out to the trash chute. I have heard that Santa is bringing a kitchen. I can’t wait.

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  1. sarah d.

    You’re lucky… Jed thinks all chairs and stools are for climbing.

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