Lucy’s Lunch

We have all loved the first week of camp. It was amazing. Especially for me. I think my patience grew by one million percent.

Lucy's Lunch

Lucy was prepared with a lunchbox thanks to Jennifer. In fact Lucy told me in early 2012 that she was going to carry a Wizard of Boz lunch box to school. Other days she would wake up and say I’m ready for school. So she has been mentally prepared for school for many months. I think she likes the full week, but we are only go to send her Monday/Wednesday/Fridays this fall.

Lucy's Lunch

Instead of her name, Lucy has a Calvary sticker on her lunch box. I hope that will help prevent any confusion.

Lucy's Lunch

Lucy’s school, as are most schools, is totally peanut free. We were told this includes food manufactured in the same facility as peanuts, too. We haven’t been back to the grocery since learning that, so that makes snacks a little hard. Lucy still doesn’t eat dairy, soy or eggs. So throw peanuts into the mix and there aren’t a lot of options. Especially not in our cabinets.

Lucy's Lunch

We also don’t have enough little snack containers. Lucy really isn’t a snacker. So I don’t have a lot of little cups on hand. We usually have one in the late afternoon, but I will serve her something in a bowl. We almost sent her pasta in a sippy cup, but I’m happy we found a snack cup and lid.

Lucy's Lunch

I felt terrible about tossing her plastic bags today since they really weren’t even dirty. So I used a Sharpie to label her snack baggies. I wonder what she will think about them.

We have made up two different pasta dishes for Lucy to take to school. She loves them and her special fork and spoon. The pastas have sweet names worthy of a blog entry, so I’m hopeful I can convince Henry to bring back The Home Bistro. He started tweeting, so maybe there is hope.

Today Lucy’s teacher told me that she wrapped up her leftover sandwich after lunch, which was in fact leftover from yesterday. She said she told Lucy that she could throw it away. I told the teacher that is one hundred percent her dad. He loves leftover night. I tossed the sandwich when we returned home. Sorry, guys.

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  1. Jennifer

    I’m so proud of Lucy going to school. She has definitely elevated my appreciation of all my childhood musical memories!

  2. Kara

    Love that lunchbox and yes to bringing back the Home Bistro!

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