Lucy’s First Solid

Lucy is 23 weeks old today, but this video is from last Thursday when I let her taste her first solid. We were reading on the floor and she seemed interested in my apple. So I let her gum it. My mom has already told me to stop doing this. I have. It was an innocent one-time thing. Well, until whenever we work up to that point again in a few weeks.

She got really into it. She was holding my hand and pulling it back to her face. But don’t worry. She was nowhere close to the seeds, even though it does look like it on our side of the apple. I don’t think that she actually swallowed anything. Just some yummy apple flavor.

In the food department, I have a book of rice cereal ready to go. Plus I ordered a set of spoons. I thought maybe we could skip the infant size, since one of the reviews said that her baby loved the toddler size. Now that I have the toddler spoon in my hand, I am not so sure it can fit in her mouth. Maybe I will let her play with it tomorrow.

I also bought the book Feeding Baby Green at the Green Festival a couple of weeks ago. We even met Dr. Greene! I am hoping to read it in the next couple of weeks as we dive into solids. But she has been keeping us quite busy lately. I need a Cliffs Notes version.

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  1. Anonymous

    That is too cute. I want to see your pics of dedication!


  2. carolinagirl

    Too cute!

  3. Renee Taylor

    That is a whole lot of cuteness!

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