Lucy’s First Beach Trip, version 2.0

With the help of iMovie, Henry edited our video of Lucy’s first beach experience. He also added titles and a little music we picked up at the library by Django Reinhardt. Django is one of our favorites, especially after watching Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown. A must see!

Henry also added in pictures we captured in the water and back on land. Plus a little video I took of some small fishes close to the shore line as a prelude to his title screen. He did a fabulous job. I think that you will agree.

I must add that the water was divine. It felt like bath water. While Lucy sat on the towel, we took a quick swim. I was super paranoid about getting too much sun despite being all lathered up in sunscreen. We used these nifty Baby Silk sunscreen towelettes. They are pricy, but we aren’t in the sun that often. They are so easy to put on both Lucy and myself. (We share a wipe.) Honestly, I am more worried about myself burning than I am her. I am thankful for her Mediterranean skin she has inherited. Plus she has a touch of carotenosis from eating so many carrots and sweet potatoes.

I am truly addicted to iMovie. I can’t wait for Henry’s next creation.

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  1. Natalie

    Too cute! Poor Lucia, I couldn’t help but laugh at her look of frustration as you dipped in the water AGAIN! Mommy, silly Mommy… Nia gives me the same look when I have done something she doesn’t approve of at all!

  2. Amber Lovette

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her chunky thighs!!!! too precious!

  3. Caroline (Author)

    I know! They are super sweet. Although they are getting skinnier with every step. I wish it worked that way for me!

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