Lucy cruising the Kogod Courtyard

If we were members of foursquare, we would add the Kogod Courtyard to our list of favorite places to check-in. On Thursday, after a tenuous week of hiding from the heat, we stopped by to cruise around the courtyard. It is almost like being outside without the grass. We discovered it was a fabulous place to people watch. Plus out of all the tourists, there is at least one to take a liking to Lucy. She found a little boy to befriend. He was probably seven and sitting next to his older brother, who was hunched over his cell phone. She kept walking over and came very close to patting his leg. The boy seemed interested but a little withdrawn. Like maybe he shouldn’t show too much enthusiasm. I kept pulling Lucy back. We walked over and met a little baby named Max. Then I decided it was time to pack her up for our remaining stops: the library, studio and farmers market. We had already stopped at church for a two-minute elevator meeting with Amy as she left for the day. After at least 48 hours inside, we were determined to maximize our outing. As I picked Lucy up to place her in her stroller, she began to cry. I guess the little boy was concerned about me repeatedly saying, “Don’t bother him.”At that moment he cried out in anguish from behind my back, “I don’t mind!” Once we started rolling, Lucy stopped crying. We wished the little boy a great visit to our nation’s capital. The Old Town Trolley sticker gave him away.

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