Lucy at 5!

This morning we celebrated Lucy’s fifth birthday with our family tradition of a birthday breakfast. Your present is on the table when you wake up and we have a special breakfast for you. This tradition may not last past this year, because Lucy arrived at school a lot later than usual today. She almost missed her class picture.

Tonight we finally watched Frozen for Lucy’s birthday movie night. We told her several times over the past few months that she can watch it whenever she is ready. But she saved it for her birthday movie night and I think she loved it. We skipped the theater, because it is too loud. We bought it and watched it using Apple TV. I suspect that we will watch it again. And again. Although there are some scary parts, guys.

Lucy at five is great. Granted today she was a little whiny. But in general, we have really relaxed into one another and she is a delight to be around. One of my very favorite things is to take Lucy out one on one. Last night, we went to Toys R Us this week to pick out decorations for her cake. I thought we could buy a couple of Frozen Magiclip dolls and be done with it. Too bad they are not available anywhere, except on Amazon for $45. So we decided to look for another character. She looked and looked and looked. Finally I told her that we could get something else that didn’t have to go on her cake and use some figurines she already had at home. I learned in this process that it had to be her idea. So anything I suggested was out. I am just thankful we will be celebrating with a Happy Smurfday Cake for a mere $6.48. That’s ten smurfs for a sixth of Elsa and Anna. We even have a boom mike operator Smurf in honor of our friend Sturge.

This week is so busy. This MONTH is so busy. Too many life events in a very short period of time. May is a great time of year to get married, have a baby/celebrate a birthday, finish school, perform for your family, throw a party, all of those things and more. Is that why so many people head to the beach in June? Yay for May!

And yay for FIVE! So hard to believe.

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