Lucy and Her Spoons

Lucy and Her Spoons

Lucy and Her Spoons

In the last week, Lucy has been absorbed by jars and spoons. Her skills are still pretty rough, but now her activities are disrupting meal time. After about halfway through the jar, she insists on sticking the spoon in and out of the jar. Granted, she still can’t get the food to her mouth.

A few days earlier, she would grab the lid and put it on the jar. I noticed that she was also spending a lot of time studying the screw tops of her bath toys. Maybe she figured that activity out and has moved on to sticking her spoon in and out of the jar.

This distraction has prompted me to give her the squeezable pouches of baby food, which she can feed herself. She loves them. And I love that she can eat them all without any help from me.

Tonight while I prepared dinner, I sat her down with four baby food jars and three spoons. That was the quietest she has been in ages. She played for a solid half hour without a peep.

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  1. jennifer

    i see teeth!!

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