Lucy and David Meet

Lucy celebrated her six-month birthday by hosting a play date with David. What a cutie! We have seen him on his blog, but we must say that he is even cuter in person.

Lucy was coughing and sneezing, so I tried to cover her mouth for her. We still haven’t taught her how to cough into her sleeve! So we tried to not let them get too close, although I think that they were both excited about being in the presence of someone just their size.

I am pretty certain that this is the first time Lucy sat up by herself! Plus as Katie noted, Lucy seems to be growing lots of new light ginger hair. We are a little jealous of all of David’s hair. I keep trying to imagine what she will look like with hair.

I love this picture of David checking out the rug pattern.

Plus in these next few pics, watch David switch hit on his thumb. Ambidextrous young man!

Okay, enough.

On a related note, sometime during the last week or so, Lucy has lost interest in her pacifier and thumb.

David, we enjoyed meeting you and hope we didn’t send you home with an unwanted party favor. All week, I had chalked up her varying ailments to teething. Now it just looks like a cold. So who knows. I should have married someone in a health-related field. Kidding… kind of.

Other birthday activities included a trip to get the swine flu vaccine. We left with just Grandma getting one since Lucy had had a fever in the last week. I hope that she will be able to get her first shot before leaving for Thanksgiving. I am nervous about the cases of flu I see popping up in Facebook statuses from home.

Lucy dressed up for game day, but slept through the actual game. We enjoyed lots of texts from Dad and cuddles from Grandma.

Lucy is looking forward to the arrival of her new high chair tomorrow. Hopefully we will also catch up on some of our social plans we canceled last week. And we have to get this Baby Einstein jumper out of our apartment and into the studio. We have lots of work to do.

All of a sudden, Lucy is a big girl.

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