Love by carolinearmijo
Love, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Last time I did this Lenten art series, I ended with a single word to summarize the entire six week process. It was CONFIDENCE. I had no idea what that word was until I finally finished writing the post and it came out. I sat there and squinted at the video of Lucy and Veronica and thought, "What is that?" Of course, confidence! That’s exactly what I need as a parent, as an artist, as a writer, as a Christian. The list goes on.

I didn’t even know I was looking for a word or what would evolve from creating forty little pieces of folded paper. They are all made out of recycled magazines and scribbled thoughts. But I was amazed by how much I learned and gained.

This time I was keep trying to stay on task, I know what the word is: LOVE. Funny how I tried to replicate the series and it ended up being the exact opposite. Sort of like siblings. They look a lot alike, yet they are very different.

Yesterday I was humming "Love On My Side" and I noticed this in the bathroom at the Green Bean.

Love Wins

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