looking for my A Game

This week is very busy… So why can’t I get going. I guess I am just waiting until the pressure builds a little more. Lots of late nights working this week. So Henry better make it to the gimnasio. (I mean gym, Mom.)

But I keep getting lost in online stuff, like these super cute pictures of Kathryn…

Which lead me to pictures of the sweet little church at Tanglewood, where Shannon will marry Will.

Plus, I had to post my latest weekly art project – a painted door from Passover.

This project was easy. That’s good, because the Red Sea is not. I needed to rest up.

Which leads me back to Thursday’s post. Henry asked me for a quick update after my first class. I thought that it was a great recap for my brief blog:

No freaks, lots of slides, three projects.

I am very excited about the class. It is exactly where I need to be. Our teacher is trying to stretch how we think about books, which made me realize that I have been making sculptural books since my first studio art class my senior year of college.

So I am ready to wrap up my church projects, which I see as an extension of my work from Penland. I am ready for the next phase, which is The Sculptural Book. I am not sure that three projects are enough for me! But it will be nice to have a few weeks to think and work on them versus one per week. That schedule has taken a lot out of me – and our apartment! Thanks to Henry for being patient.

I managed to keep quiet in class about The Red Sea pop-up book. It helped that I was late and missed any introductions. The entire time I was blogging, I should have been paying attention to the fact that my class was Downtown, not in Georgetown. In my defense, two other students did the same thing.

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