Little Cheerio

Little Cheerio

My little Cheerio loves when I eat Honey-nut Cheerios. There are lots of kicks and pushes going on right now.

I’ve also had a big leap in size in the last week. My Pilates teacher told me I finally look pregnant. I feel like I’m close to my size at the end of month eight. I had Lucy at 37 weeks, so that means just a few more inches and I’m done. I don’t think that will happen. Monday will be 29 weeks. I feel so huge.

I learned last week that the baby is still Frank Breech. Meaning his feet are in his face. He could take one forward flip and be in the right spot. He has seven more weeks to pull it off. Fingers crossed that happens.

Until then I’m content to nap, although I don’t think that will be so easy either. Since he is breech, I’ve been drinking water like crazy and doing Cat/Cow stretches on all fours. I’m supposed to avoid the couch, but that is hard when I am so sleepy. But maybe a quick nap will perk me up for an active afternoon.

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