Lillian’s lap quilt

I received so many beautiful gifts at my shower a few weeks ago, many
of which were handmade. These were my favorite. Well, let me rephrase
that. I loved different items for different reasons. So this next
week, I’ll share the handmade items I received.

This is a sweet little lap quilt made by Lillian Abbott. It is the
perfect size to lay the baby on the floor to play. I just explained
the concept of tummy time to Henry for the first time, using the
blanket as an example. I also shared a few toys that she can also play
with or attempt to look at as she learns to raise her head.

One of my favorite details is Lillian’s initials in the lower left
corner of the photo, especially since she and the bambina share the
same initials. I imagine that she will think that they are hers, but I
will have to explain that they are not. Likely over and over again.

My mom has a homemade cutting board that is inscribed To: Mom Love:
Brooke. When I was little, I asked her if she had another child
somewhere. Or why did she have this? It was a gift from a student when
she was a math teacher in Woodbridge, VA. He gave it to his mom, but
she told him she already had a cutting board. I know. What a
heartbreaking story. Plus it’s an awesome cutting board. His name is a
little wobbly, but other than that, it’s perfect. My mom probably told
me this story a million times at my request.

Today at Friendship, my home church, Lori is hosting a craft day. This
morning, Lillian is teaching how to make these very lap quilts. Other
activites are also happening, including scrapbooking, jewelry making
and making cards. Although Lillian’s project is limited to the
morning. I wish they had this when I lived there! When I was home, I
told them about my Telling Stories project at Calvary. I said that I
could bring my artwork to display and also teach a couple of related
paper projects. My mom, who has buried her craftiness, could hold the
baby. I’m sure that she won’t mind.

So that is on my agenda for the fall. But I promise to share the info
early enough in advance, instead of as the even takes place.

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