Lent 2014 Progress Report

Envelopes have reentered our lives this week after a long break following NYC. I tried to post my first piece while in New York and I had some technical difficulties. I don’t know where it went.

So I decided to focus on brainstorming and gathering materials while I was on my trip and I will eventually make the pieces. I have sketches up through 25 envelopes. Plus I bought several more envelopes at the Soho Paper Source and the First Presbyterian Consignment Sale last weekend.

But I haven’t had much inspiration for a piece all week until Lucy asked me to read her a story out of her little Bible. I opened it up to Elisha and the widow filling her pots with annointing oil. It felt like a story for me more than Lucy. And I thought it was the perfect piece to create using all of those packs of glassine envelopes I’ve hoarded for years.

Here are the first three. I’ve been folding throughout our snow day. Chances are good this project will take eighty envelopes all on its own.

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