Last Night in DC

Last Night

Tonight is our last night in our apartment before the movers arrive. Lucy left yesterday with Alex. We’ve had a great day/week/month fitting in dinners after full days of packing.

Last night I realized that I have lived in this building longer than anywhere else aside from my childhood home in Friendship. We started renting the apartment next door Mother’s Day 2005 and officially moved in August. So I’m rounding it up to seven years. No wonder I feel so sentimental. Except, of course, for the truck stuck in reverse last night around 3 am.

I took a few minutes today to catch up on the comments about me from Sunday’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post. I tried to console Dad that all people are mean on comments in DC. Why there are more on Greater Greater Washington. I love when people call me young! Thanks to Danielle for her thoughtful comment and nice words. Needless to say it was a nice touch to be featured in the Post my last week in DC.

At this point, I don’t believe that our apartment will be empty in 24 hours. How can that be possible? There feels like there is still so much stuff EVERYWHERE. But I guess it will all happen. People promise that it will. And Henry says I can continue packing after they arrive. To think they were going to pack AND move us. That would have never happened.

Here’s hoping I get more sleep than last night. I’m really wishing I had a library book right now. How will I survive without DCPL’s library collection? Maybe I should add “pick up library card” to next week’s to do list. Then I can console myself in library books instead of the countless boxes of books I have sitting around “the new house.”

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