language of babies

We all want to know what she’s thinking!

I am in the middle of watching Oprah and immediately had to share what I just saw. It is hard to believe. According to Dunstan Baby Language, babies make five distinct noises before starting to cry. The sounds correspond to eating, sleeping, burping, pooping and being comfortable. If you listen closely, then you know how to respond to them before they move into uncontrollable screaming. Just imagine if you knew what to listen for once the nurse drops that little one in your arms for the first time. The Dunstan Baby Language web site is so busy that I’m unable to explore it now. But I know what I am taking to all of those future baby showers.

And for your growing babies who are want to tell you more than about their digestive track, teach them sign-language. Even a six-month old can learn to tell you that she don’t like what color socks you have picked out for them.

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  1. the Rab

    i think this blog post qualifies as nesting Caroline. your mother will be so excited. 🙂

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