lampshade… check

Okay, so this was not how I planned to spend today either, but I finally completed the lampshade for the nursery.

After Henry got home last night, I finally got a little more motivated. I went through my shower gifts, changed a light bulb in the nursery and completed a few other odds and ends with Henry. I crawled in my bed with my journal, which I had completely neglected yesterday morning, and made a massive list for today and the rest of the week. I found if I make a list that is somewhat grouped according to my day, then I can keep it by my side and eliminate a lot of distraction. Namely spending time looking, thinking and discovering new baby items online.

We are in need of a trip to the grocery store, so Henry asked me out for a morning date at Bruegger’s Bagels. I have not been walking with him in a very long time, because I can’t walk as fast as he does and I end up in a lot of pain. I have finally started making him slow down. And today, I successfully dropped him off at work and back to my studio pain free. Granted we did sit down and eat our breakfast in the mean time.

I also took a little side trip to Barnes & Noble to look at sewing books. I have really, really, really had the urge to sew. I don’t know why. I guess it is my nesting instincts really kicking in. But I have decided that instead of shopping incessantly for a baby sling, hooter hider and other nursing accessories, I could just make these items. In fact with a simple search, I found a few free patterns online. The Maya Wrap believes in their product so much that they give away their pattern for free online. Plus, here is a breastfeeding cover. I also want to make a small heating pad and burp cloths, and buy fabric for a oval crib sheet, which I asked my mother-in-law to make.

Certainly I can pull these projects off. And they doesn’t have to be perfect. They are just for me. Besides, I am quite comfortable with my cutting and folding skills. And my favorite toy was my little plastic sewing machine, which is still sitting in the box in my parents’ attic. I made a vow to myself over a month ago that I would set up my sewing machine before this little one gets here. So I am treating myself to a trip to Honfleur Home on Friday after I complete my taxes this afternoon.

At Barnes & Noble, I discovered an amazing book that I came home and added to my Amazon wish list. I was extremely tempted to buy the book right then and there, except I forgot my wallet. That is THE easiest way to save money. I took a picture of it with my iPhone and immediately called Lauren to tell her what I had found and that she would love this book: The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff. Before I finished reading the title, she told me the name of the author and that she was looking for that book JUST yesterday. Wow! Great minds think alike. So I inspired her to continue her search and she confirmed that I need this book, which she found moments after we got off the phone.

Lauren wants to use the book to make couture type clothing and accessories. At this point, I want to use it as an incentive to learn how to sew. It is filled with sophisticated tucking, pleats, and gathering. As I looked at it, I thought this is what I want to do to create a large installation art project. I am not exactly sure what yet. But after Monday’s dinner with Ceci, I am inspired to start gathering ideas that will certainly surface in those late night breast feedings. We are sharing a table at The Hybrid Book Fair in Philadelphia the same weekend as my due date.

So even though I had sewing on my mind, I finally finished my lampshade for the nursery. My favorite thing about the studio is that I can leave unfinished projects out and immediately start again without really thinking. In February, I bought the lamp and original shade from Urban Outfitters on sale. Then I stripped the graphic material off of the frame and spent a few hours cleaning it with Goo Gone. A month later, the citrus smell still hasn’t vanished. I used this Japanese paper (Yuzen Pool Gold Waves) from Paper Source to go with my non-theme nursery theme room. I only glued the paper at the seams to avoid the paper rippling. Then I cut some slits and folded over the top edge of paper and gluing it to the plastic interior and metal ring that holds the light bulb. I decided to leave the bottom of the paper hanging loose over the plastic frame and neatly trimming it instead of finishing it. I have a small pucker at the seam and I thought, in this case, less (glue) is more. That is the great things about lamps. You turn the seam (and pucker) towards the wall.

Slowly but surely, these little projects are getting checked off my list. And now, without further procrastination, off to my taxes!

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